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Architect’s Fee Proposals

Simple Guide to What to Expect from an Architect’s Fee Proposal

Choosing an architect for a building project is a very important decision to take and often this comes down to what they are going to charge you and who will give you the best value for money. You will be undertaking a large financial investment in your project whether it be building an extension or a new home, so it is important to choose the right designer. In comparison, if you received three builder’s quotations for the project and one was considerably lower than the other two – would you accept the lowest or would you question which part of the work may have been left out or not adequately resourced? The same applies to the start of a project, which can be even more important, as getting the design right at the beginning can save significant time and money later on – this is the value an architect can bring to a project.

You may have whittled it down to a few architects/designers from what they have on their website, local jobs you have seen that they have designed or recommendations from friends etc. The next stage is to choose between your preferred architects by asking for quotes or ‘fee proposals’. In this Simple Guide, we will take you through what you should expect in a fee proposal, what should be included and how you can compare like for like.

Throughout this guide, we use the term ‘architect’ to refer to your chosen designer which can be substituted by their title if different.

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