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Is Your Garden a Building Plot?

“We’ll kick over selves if we drive past in a years’ time and someone else has done it!”

This has been a frequent comment from new clients and enquiries of late, and most stem from the thought that their property may be big enough to incorporate another and how they should take the thought further. This inevitably leads to the statement “If we don’t look into it, we’d hate to sell up and then drive by in a years’ time and find someone else has done it”

When people first come in with this idea, we always ask why they are thinking of doing it. The answers can range from:

Whatever their reason, we always ask this as it informs them how best to guide them through the process. For some, if they are simply looking to gain planning permission, an outline planning approval may be more suitable, for others, they may want to build it themselves and move into or simply retain some control and input into the relationship between two buildings, so then a detailed application may be more appropriate.

We also review the site location and constraints, such as the size of the plot, access, drainage, potential flooding or tree issues etc to ensure that the principle of development looks supportable from a planning point of view. If we feel the project requires some early discussions with the Planning Department, we may recommend a Pre Application Enquiry to shake out all the issues, before going forward to a full application – see our Simple Guide to Pre-Application Advice for more details.

When going forward to an outline or full planning application, we find that undertaking the necessary prep work prior to submitting an application can make the daunting planning process more straightforward, which can mean ensuring a new access can be formed, the existing drainage system can be adapted or that any loss of mature trees can be justified and mitigated.

If you are unsure whether your garden may be suitable for such a development, you can take a look at our Simple Guide to Building a House in a Garden or alternatively get in contact with us at the office for a no-obligation early discussion.



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